Hi, I’m Misty. This blog originated to help keep family and friends informed about the health of our unborn daughter, Anna.  Anna Grace McMath was born March 27, 2012, and lived for 5 hours.  The blog tells the story of our pregnancy, our joy, and our grief.  Now, the blog continues as we are expecting our fourth child, due April 3, 2015.  We will share our journey again, as we are praying for a healthy baby and for God’s will to be done in our family.

This blog has always been honest, a bit raw, painful.  But it has been cathartic for me, too.  I was surprised at some of my emotions and thoughts throughout the process of carrying Anna. I found some helpful books and blogs that aided me in processing my grief and my loss, and this blog is my effort to pour out my own offering. Perhaps joining me on this journey will be another mom whose heart is breaking–or whose heart will one day be broken.  I hope my words benefit you in some way. There is One who has collected all our tears in bottles–who tenderly loves us through the most painful of circumstances (Psalm 56:8).  My prayer is that this blog will point you to Him, even when you feel you have been forgotten.  We are not forgotten.  There is more to your story and more to your child’s story than you can see right now.  I have tried my best to faithfully tell mine and Anna’s.  Now the story continues with the pregnancy of another little one.

Thank you for joining us on the journey.  May God bless you.


25 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Misty,
    First I want to thank you for sharing your heart and journey God is taking you and Joey on.My name is Leaonda Palmer and you may not know me but Joe and Myra Reid are my parents. As i read your blog each fealing and emotion was so real to me as I remeber a journey of sorts our family traveled. I can remeber feeing those same emotion as the doctor told us we had a condition called twin to twin transfer and one of them may not survive and I would deliver early. I too was hurt and wondered why i would have twins and one not survive. After grieving a few days we too shared our story and people around the world began to pray. God showed His self in so many ways during our pregnancy and even now 9 years later. Our strength was truly from Him. I delivered the twins at 31 weeks and Darla was a still birth after working on her she was alive but sick God was totaly in control and after 9 weeks in the hospital we took her home. The journey is long and sometimes hard but never lonely with Gods hand in the middle. Nine years later our twins have had struggles but are healthy and sharing what God has done in their lives. I pray that whatever road God takes you on this journey that His light and glory will shine bright to you in each circumstance and you will feel his arm around you and Anna each step of the way. We love you and your prescious family and are praying for you and the healing of Anna. I will be following your blog as I pray thank you for being obedient to Christ and sharing your journey with others He will use it far more than you’ll ever image.

    • Thank you, Leaonda, for sharing your experience. I am so glad that your baby survived and that you and she both are being used. Thank you for your encouragement and prayers. Joey and I are grateful.

  2. Misty… My name is Anna. My cousin (Becca McKeithen) gave me your blog, and I devoured every word. I deeply, deeply weep with you, I want to offer you my blog, as our stories are strikingly similar. I have two boys, and at 18 weeks along with our 3rd child- a beautiful girl we named Evelyn- we were told that she had no medical chance of life. I carried her 10 weeks more, and then Jesus took her home. I walked the “valley of the shadow of death” that you walk now… I prayed, begged for healing for my daughter, and though He said “no” to me, God is so, so faithful. Little Evelyn deeply changed our whole family- she revolutionized my understanding of God’s love, and she brought our oldest son to the knowledge and belief of his Creator!
    The road you walk feels like it will destroy you, but you WILL get through with HOPE, because of the God that walks with you.
    I said goodbye to little Evelyn on May 18th of 2011, and I still think of her constantly. Today she was on my mind all day… I miss that girl so much! But I know she is waiting safely for me, and that our family will be complete for ETERNITY!
    I will join the ranks praying both for a miracle, and for God’s glory however He chooses. Please, please email me if you need anything, or have any questions about ANYTHING. You are welcome to read Evelyn’s story, just click on the link in the upper lefthand corner of my blog, and click “newer post” at the end of each page.
    God bless you for your faithfulness, He WILL get you through, and He WILL be glorified!
    With much love and prayer, AnnaRuth
    p.s. here’s my email: piannastuning@gmail.com

    • Thank you so much, Anna. What a lovely name. I appreciate your reaching out to me. I am just at the beginning of this journey, and I am sure you have so much more wisdom looking back. Thank you for your words of encouragement and prayers. I am humbled that you would take the time to share your story with me. I am so glad that God used your little Evelyn in your family’s life and in others’ lives, too. His ways are greater than ours, even though sometimes they are so hard to accept. I appreciate the blog and contact information, as well.

  3. My heart breaks for you and your family. As I read your blog tonight, I was reminded so clearly of similiar feelings that I experienced 15 years ago when we lost our second child, our only son, to SIDS. We never had any indication that anything was wrong, not even at his 2 month checkup just two weeks before. By all accounts, he was a very healthy and happy little boy. But God had other plans for him. Your words spoke to my heart as I read about your feelings because I remembered feeling the same thing the morning my world fell apart. I pray that God’s will is to give your baby a miracle cure, but if that is not to be so, I pray that you find the same comfort I did in knowing that one day we will see them again and be able to hold them in our arms. I so look forward to that day when I can remind my precious son that he was never farther away than my heart, and that my God will finally be able to (hopefully) help me understand the “why” I have struggled with for years. It sounds like you and your husband are handling things in the best way possible and you will get thru this by turning to one another for love and support. I will continue following your blog and praying for your family as you experience this journey which none of us ever hopes to experience.

  4. Thank-you for sharing your journey and your heart, I havent gone what through what you are going through, but through everything I’ve been through Our God has been there to give me hope, Praying for your strength and wisdom, and for a miracle for you and your family and little girl!
    The following link is for my friend Natalie’s blog about the loss of her baby girl, It isnt the same thing you are going through, she lost her to sids, but maybe it can be a blessing to you as it is to me!

  5. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I lost a precious little boy two years ago. If not for reading a Karen Kingsbury book I would not have cherished my pregnancy the way I did. Those are some of the most precious memories I have. Thank you for bearing your soul. A lot of things you have put into writing is thoughts i have wanted to say.

  6. At church yesterday the sermon was on Natural Birth ~ Pictures for Spiritual Birth and how water in both is so important.(John 3:1-16) Well, I started thinking of Anna and cried all through church and my heart ached for yall.I know people sitting around me didn’t understand and I wanted to get up and leave but I knew God had sent that sermon to me to listen to and I felt just a small part of what you are going through.. I lift you up Misty for your strength and wisdom through this special time with Anna to enjoy and cherish what time you have with her. I have put you on any and all prayer list and I thank you again from the bottom of my heart for you sharing with us.

  7. Hello Misty!
    My name is Amber Roman–I am a doula and childbirth educator in Pensacola and the mommy of three little boys. I stumbled upon your blog and cannot be anything but awed at the faith and strength you have. My heart breaks with you and I have found myself grieving with you, crying as I read your honest, hopeful posts. We serve a great God, don’t we? He is capable of healing your little girl if He chooses to, and still capable and committed to healing you and your family if He chooses not to heal Anna. I will be praying daily for His will–and that you will continue to find His strength perfect even when yours is not.

  8. Misty and Joey,
    This morning Jonathan called me. He shared with me what is surely a faith journey concerning Anna. Your faith is adequate and the Father’s counsel is far more than any words my wife and I could offer. Though we will bow to His wisdom and His plan for Anna, you, and others that will be influenced through your witness, we still commit to pray fervently . . . believing! We will trust Him! Thank you for your courage and commitment to Him.

    “The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.” (Deut. 33:27) He has more than His arms about you. He holds you and Anna in His hands.

    Lawson and Judy Jolly

  9. Oh Misty, I just learned of your story yesterday, on Anna’s day. I’m so very sorry. You have a tremendous faith, and I know our mighty Abba Father will hold you through this storm. I know you don’t know me, so I hope this doesn’t feel intrusive. I just wanted you to know a sister in Christ is praying for you, lifting you to our faithful God.

  10. Joey and Misty,
    I am just finding out about this this very week. Joey, I remember when you were a little boy, growing up near me. I was older, but I would visit you guys sometimes when my school was selling stuff. You and your brothers were always so sweet and supportive, your parents as well. Misty, I know you and a lot of your family from the Jay/Berrydale community. I wanted to express my sincere sympathy to you all during this time of grief. To the Christian, earthly death is a door that we all will go through in order to be with our Heavenly Father. Even though we have studied about this in God’s Word, most of us still have the innate desire to remain here in our secure and comfortable environment. Why? It’s all we truly know. We can only imagine what Little Anna is doing right now in the presence of her Creator. I pray that you continue to hold on to God’s promise and cherish His WORD through study, prayer and the support of those who love and care about you. The blog is a wonderful witness to your faith and courage! Lifting you up in prayer, Vicki Gandy Baggett

  11. Misty:

    Grandmother Carter would be so proud of you right now. You have been faithful to the Lord and brought glory to Him in the mist of the most difficult circumstance. May He richly bless you and your sweet and beautiful family. I will pray for you as you go through the grief of losing your baby girl. I’m so glad you got to hold her and I know He is comforting you even in this moment. We love you!

  12. Misty,
    I know you do not know me but my name is Jenna. My mom and I recieved your blog from a lady who lives near Flomanton. She attends the church my brother used to youth pastor at. I want to say how completely sorry I am that sweet Anna was taking from you so soon. I know that the pain is so unbearable.After losing my son in December I didn’t want to get out of bed but I have hope in the Lord. and I can see that you do too. I know that no words anyone says will make the pain go away or make you feel better in anyway. I just wanted tell you I am sorry and that your blogs are really touching my heart, while I’m still going through the loss of David. All I can say is lean on the Lord every minute of everyday. The pain never goes away but it will become easier one of these days. Atleast I’m told that.

  13. Hi Misty,
    Thank you for this blog. A friend sent me this link today after I told her our baby girl would not make it. I’m 16 weeks pregnant and had to tell my 6 year old who has been praying for a sister that his sister is sick. Now he prays every night that God will heal her. I haven’t been able to tell anyone outside our immediate family about her and her illness. The daily congratulations and baby talk at work is almost unbearable. My heart is broken. My family is hurting and my husband has shut down completely. Thank you so much for your words. You have made me feel as if I’m not alone and I can overcome this. I pray that God will help me as he has helped you and give me the strength to get through this. I also pray that you and your family continue to heal and find peace that you will one day be reunited with your beautiful Anna.

    • Oh, Holly. I am so sorry. I just read this to my daughter, a 6-year-old, who had also prayed for a sister. Abby said to tell you that she is sorry about your baby, too. I will be praying for your family–which I know sounds so small. I wish I could take the pain away. Have you given your daughter a name yet? I will be praying for her, too. Thank you for praying for our family. It is still hard, but we are truly thankful that we had our Anna. Lean into Him. You will have to make that choice. It will not come naturally.

      • Thank you Misty and Abby 🙂 Your prayers are certainly appreciated and welcomed. I have not given her a name yet. I’m considering letting my son name her since she is his prayer. So far he has only come up with variations of his name, which are so funny. Hopefully we will decide on one soon. Thank you for your reply. It was a nice surprise to see it. My prayers are not as often as they should be, it’s been hard to look to him for comfort. It is a daily struggle to make peace within myself and look to all of the blessings he has given me in my life. I am thankful, I am blessed, I’m just hurting. It’s a long road to travel, but I know you’ve made it through and I will too. 🙂

      • Misty~ We named her Hope Anna and she was born November 28th. Thank you for your prayers. God is good. Hope is 21 days old today and is truly a blessing. We take each day at a time and Hospice comes weekly to check her vitals. We are in awe that she is still with us and living each day to the fullest. Thank you so much for sharing Anna’s story. It was the light and inspiration I needed to guide me. God has blessed thousands through Anna’s life and story!!

  14. Holly, Abby and I are smiling reading this, so glad that y’all have had 21 days together. I hope you get to share Christmas with your Hope. Her name is beautiful. We had actually seriously considered “Hope” for our Anna, so we definitely have similar tastes in names. You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. I have thought of you often.

  15. Dear sweet Misty,
    I have read your blog for four years and I have prayed for you and your family often I am so glad your new entry popped up. On March 27, 2012 I experienced a loss much different then your own. I was driving, totally healthy and a 18 wheeler hit me from behind going 62–65 mph. This left me with an in complete spinal cord injury which resulted in quadriplegia. One second I am a totally healthy 57-year-old and the next second a ragdoll.
    Reading your blog, your transparency, grief, hope, and faith in God encouraged me and has continued to do so. I am a Christ follower, and no I could not even breathe on my own apart from him. God has done amazing healing in my body. My left side returned after about six months and my bowel/ bladder returned after about three months and last year in March after three years muscles in my right leg started waking up again. I still use a wheelchair most of the time but I am able to walk short distances with a walker though I do not feel balance yet. I am still in therapy.
    God has done more spiritual healing in my heart, mind, soul, than physical. I did not realize how fear, insecurity, rejection, paralyzed me before my injury. This is God’s story and he is writing it though I would like him to let me see a few pages ahead sometimes. I am still learning to trust his perfect love, his sovereignty, his goodness, even when I am in great pain. I know from reading your blog you have walked this path also. I have to submit and yield and trust his goodness and ask for his perspective when I do not see or feel the good. I just marked off four years, notice I did not use the word celebrate or anniversary. Sometimes it almost chokes me when I see someone walking, riding a bike, taking out their trash, using their hands with fine motor skills, and then I am so thankful that I am not a total ragdoll and I am able to live independently most of the time and take my little dog for a walk with my electric scooter and will learn to drive again this year.
    Just want you to know you’re writings have touched my heart deep into my soul and we both know that God does not waste anything and he does give us good gifts. Your little Jack is precious and your family is beautiful and I pray for each one of you. Continue in the faith Misty mom and know that God is using you to bless many women in many different circumstances of loss and we will all get to see and know each other and I will get to meet sweet baby Anna and others when we see Jesus face-to-face. Thank you sweet sister in Christ, Kim Freeman

  16. Thank you for sharing your story and your faith during such a devastating time.
    My son and daughter-in-law are having a baby girl, Andi, who they will have to say good-bye to if she survives delivery. Andi has anencephaly. As we pray for a miracle we also pray that God’s will be done.
    A friend, Jennifer Warren, told me about your blog and I found so much comfort in reading your story. I know only those that experience such a loss can fully understand the pain. I hope that both my son and daughter-in-law find as much comfort as I have. May God continue to bless you and your family.

    • I am so sorry you and your family are having to walk this path, but I pray Anna’s story will be an encouragement and a comfort. I looked up to Jennifer when I was a girl. She is a very sweet person. 💗

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